Management training and development since 2003.

Liam Jordan MD of ICONI

Liam reflects on what he learnt on the Acumensis Professional Sales Skills course.

Brendan Monaghan CEO, Neueda

As a founding director of Neueda, Brendan has overseen the dramatic growth of the company. He leads the business strategy and business development functions across the organisation. According to Brendan;
"Acumensis customised training has been key for us in achieving an annual growth of 30-35% per year".

Greg Wilson CEO, Seopa

Acumensis designed and delivered a series of training programmes for key Seopa staff. This included Sales, Personal productivity. Negotiation Skills, Presentation Skills and Account Management.

Paul Campbell Chairman, Electronic and Security Services

ESS have engaged Acumensis for an ongoing programme of Sales training. It was important to ESS that their customer-centric ethos was central to the sales message. The company is founded on the principle that they provide solutions to solve customers problems and that they do not ‘oversell’.